How Searches Work

To view details about the offender including a physical description, photo and map to the offender's address, click on the "View Details" link. Searches based on geography do NOT list offenders where addresses cannot be electronically mapped. To see a list of unmappable addresses click the related button. Searches based on city or other geographic area may not produce a reliable list of all offenders near you because boundaries used for the search may be arbitrary. Searches based on first or last name will also show any alias matching the submitted name(s) however legal name only will show on the offender name list. If you are unsure of spelling of an offender name, try searching by the first letter or other portion of the name you are more certain of. Site will produce a list of all offenders whose name begin with the letter “B” by typing B in the name field. If you wish to return a list of offenders based on an exact keyword(s) search, enclose the keyword(s) in either double or single quotes.